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Snow Snakes a Native American Winter Tradition

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Snow Snakes

Snow snakes are a fun wintertime outdoor activity following a Native American tradition. A Snow Snake starts with a one inch diameter dowel that is 3 feet long with steel weighted added for speed. You may carve and varnish the stick and prepare for racing down a snow-packed run. The Chief Pontiac Programs committee is selling snow snake kits for $5 each. Snow Snakes may be purchased in person at CPP sponsored snow snake events or ordered on line directly from the Chief Pontiac Programs Committee at : The CPPC store.
There are program dates locations and times on the Snow Snake flyer. Snow Snake flier

Watch the Snow Snake Track Video here.

The Friends of Highland Rec have made an instructional video showing how to complete one of our snow snake kits. (This video is located outside the Chief Pontiac Programs web site.)

Snow Snake Kit Instructional Video:

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